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Organometallics and Photochemistry

If you are interested in the development of advanced solar energy technologies, you should know about our innovative projects in the Organometallics and Photochemistry line at CIESOL. We are a research centre dedicated to solar energy generation, and our projects are focused on two main areas: the production and storage of hydrogen catalysed by photo-activated metal complexes and research into heterometallic complexes as antiproliferative agents for new cancer drugs.

In our hydrogen production and storage project, we are working on using solar energy to produce hydrogen from water. Our goal is to develop technologies that are more efficient and sustainable than current hydrogen production processes. In heterometallic complex research, we are exploring new options in the fight against cancer. We focus on developing drugs with lower toxicity and higher selectivity for cancer cells.

Our projects are aligned with the SFERA III Solar Facilities for the European Research Area programme, allowing us to collaborate with other research centres across Europe and share our knowledge and expertise. For more information about our innovative projects in the CIESOL Organometallics and Photochemistry line, please visit us.

Unit Projects


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