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About Us

The Solar Energy Research Centre, CIESOL, is a joint centre of the University of Almeria and the Plataforma Solar de Almeria, which develops new applications of solar energy.
At the centre we work with researchers from both the Plataforma Solar and the University, joining forces to make the most of solar radiation, ranging from energy use, water treatment and the study of air conditioning and comfort in buildings.

At the Centre, we carry out international research, transfer, dissemination and training on various aspects of solar energy.

We collaborate with companies and institutions in our desire to serve society.

In the field of training, we are proud of the Official Master’s Degree in Solar Energy, a clear example of the understanding between the two institutions that make up CIESOL.

Más Info

CIESOL is located in a building on the campus of the University of Almeria specifically designed to study the use of solar radiation in buildings. Thus, in addition to laboratories, scientific equipment and pilot plants, the centre itself is a scientific facility..

Infrastructure and Objectives

We have a surface area of about 1700 m2, with a 200 m2 building and a 400 m2 courtyard, 1 workshop, 1 outdoor laboratory, 3 cold storage chambers, 1 weather station, 7 laboratories, 5 offices, 1 dining room, 1 study room, 1 work room and a classroom and meeting room.

The solar heating and cooling system covers most of the centre’s demand, the building is designed to employ passive strategies and maximise solar resources.

We have advanced equipment to carry out our research projects.

The scope of CIESOL’s activities can be specified as follows:

  • Participating in calls for proposals from the European Union and the National R&D Plan, both for research and demonstration projects.
  • Promoting collaboration with companies related to energy and the environment.
  • To develop patents for technological innovations that facilitate the industrial development of Almeria and, by extension, of Andalusia.
  • To carry out seminars and courses dedicated to the different subjects related to the use of Solar Energy, such as: electricity production, evaluation and prediction of the solar resource, solar desalination, development of new materials, water treatment, photocatalysis, photochemical reactions and organometallic chemistry.

Organisation of the Centre

How does CIESOL work?

CIESOL’s functional structure is made up of a Coordination and Monitoring Committee, CCS, the highest decision-making and management body, a Management Team and a set of 6 Functional Units that bring together researchers from both institutions in different specific thematic areas. It should be noted that CIESOL has an External Evaluation Committee, CEE, with four members of recognised prestige and national and international impact, which annually assesses and supervises the scientific production of its different functional units as well as the development of the centre.

There is also a Scientific Infrastructure and Management Unit, made up of technical specialists, which is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the centre’s equipment.

The Coordination and Monitoring Committee, CCS, is made up of two researchers from the UAL, one of them being the Vice-Rector for Research, Development and Innovation of the university, and two researchers from the PSA, one of them being the Director of the Almeria Solar Platform. Currently, the CCS is made up of José Antonio Sánchez Pérez (Vice-Rector for Research) and Manuel Berenguel for the UAL and Julián Blanco (Director of the Plataforma Solar de Almería) and Eduardo Zarza for the PSA.

The Coordination and Monitoring Committee is responsible for ensuring the good governance of the Research Centre and its main function is to evaluate and monitor the progress of the centre’s activities and their compliance with the planned objectives.

The Management Team consists of a director and a deputy director, belonging to UAL and PSA (and vice versa). Currently the director is José Luis Casas López from UAL and Sixto Malato Rodríguez from PSA is the deputy director. They are responsible for the allocation of spaces and resources to the different projects and working groups, the supervision of the technical staff, the maintenance of CIESOL and, in general, everything that affects the day-to-day running of the centre.

The External Evaluation Committee, CEE, is composed of Ana María Amat Payá, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Ángela Fernández Curto, Deputy Deputy Director General of Large Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (Ministry of Science and Innovation, Government of Spain), David Serrano, Director of IMDEA ENERGÍA in Madrid and Professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University and Carlos Bordons Alba, Professor of Systems Engineering and Automation at the University of Seville.

The EWC is responsible for evaluating the scientific quality of CIESOL and proposing actions for improvement. Its functions include the evaluation of work proposals and strategic lines of action for CIESOL, new projects or collaborations, as well as the scientific evaluation of the work carried out. The EWC meets once a year with CIESOL researchers, visits their facilities and issues a report on their activity.

Committees and Activity Leaders


José Luis Casas López
Professor of Chemical Engineering,
University of Almería

Chemical Area

Octavio Malato Rodríguez

Assistant director

Sixto Malato Rodríguez
Senior Research  O.P.I.,

Energy Area

Enrique García Campos

Dissemination and transfer area

Irene Fernández Gómez

of activities

Organometallic and Photochemistry

University of Almería (UAL)

Antonio Romerosa
Professor of UAL

Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA)

Christoph Richter

Environmental Analysis

Universidad de Almería (UAL)

Ana Agüera
Professor of UAL

Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA)

Isabel Oller
Senior Researcher O.P.I. CIEMAT

Water Regeneration

Universidad de Almería (UAL)

José A. Sánchez
Professor of UAL

Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA)

Inmaculada Polo López
Senior Researcher O.P.I. CIEMAT

Modelado y Control Automático

Universidad de Almería (UAL)

José Domingo Álvarez Hervás

Associate Professor of UAL

Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA)

Lidia Roca Sobrino
Senior Researcher O.P.I. CIEMAT

Desalación y Fotosíntesis

Universidad de Almería (UAL)

José M. Fernández
Associate Professor of UAL

Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA)

Dr. Guillermo Zaragoza
Senior Researcher O.P.I. CIEMAT

Recursos Solares y Frío Solar

Universidad de Almería (UAL)

Joaquín Alonso Montesinos
Associate Professor of UAL

Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA)

Jesús María Ballestrín Bolea
Senior Researcher O.P.I. CIEMAT

Coordination and Monitoring Committee

José Antonio Sánchez Pérez
Vice-Rector for Science Policy of the University of Almeria

Manuel Berenguel
Professor of University of Almeria

Julián Blanco
Plataforma Solar de Almería Director, CIEMAT

Diego Alarcón
CIEMAT Research

External Evaluation Committee

Ángela Fernández Curto
Deputy Deputy Director General for Major Scientific and Technical Infrastructures of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Government of Spain.

Carlos Bordons Alba
Professor University of Sevilla

Ana María Amat Payá
Professor of Polytechnic University of Valencia

David Serrano
Professor of Chemical Engineering and IMDEA-Energy Director

What are the Functional Units of CIESOL?

Its main activity is the evaluation and prediction of the solar resource, its main researchers being Joaquín Alonso Montesinos (UAL) and Jesús Ballestrín Bolea (PSA). It also works on remote sensing and optimisation of sky chambers, as well as on the design and optimisation of solar cooling and heating plants. Trigeneration.

Lead by José Domingo Álvarez Hervás (UAL) and Lidia Roca Sobrino (PSA), the group works on the modelling and control of solar thermal plants, photoreactors and photobioreactors, while studying energy efficiency and comfort control in buildings, including smart energy grids.

Leaded by Antonio Manuel Romerosa Nievas (UAL) and Christoph Richter (DLR-PSA), it works on the development of new homo- and hetero-nuclear ruthenium complexes soluble in water and with photocatalytic activity in processes for the synthesis of high added value molecules as well as in new photovoltaic cells.

It focuses its activity on the study of solar photocatalysis for the decontamination of toxic water and the elimination of micropollutants and disinfection of treated water (regeneration). The main researchers are José Antonio Sánchez Pérez (UAL) and Inmaculada Polo López (PSA).

It focuses on the development of advanced analytical methods in complex effluents and their application to the monitoring of organic micropollutants as well as the identification of transformation products generated during water treatment. The main researchers are Ana Agüera López (UAL) and Isabel Oller Alberola (PSA).

The group develops two parallel lines of work, desalination and water treatment using membrane systems as well as the production of microalgae and products of interest. The main researchers are José M. Fernández Sevilla (UAL) and Guillermo Zaragoza del Águila (PSA).