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CIESOL offers you the following software, the result of the research work carried out in our centre.

Interactive tool for biological models

This is a stand-alone application for analysing interactive biological models for both microalgae and the microalgae-bacteria combination.

Different simulation options are available using experimental data as model inputs for different seasons of the year.

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Matlab-based simulation tool for Raceway photobioreactors

This is a free tool to simulate the dynamic behaviour of a raceway photobioreactor.

Open-loop simulations can be performed based on experimental data from different seasons of the year. In addition, closed-loop simulations can also be performed using different control approaches: all-loop control, PID control or selective control, either for pH or dissolved oxygen variables. This simulator includes process balances over time and space.

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FentonSims is an interactive simulation tool of solar photo-Fenton process for micropollutant removal in water under different operating modes and conditions. It presents a user-friendly, interactive and easy-to-use GUI that offers the user the possibility of performing design and optimization studies of the process from a didactic approach.

Matlab App v.1 (Matlab R2020b or later – Version Recommendable: R2021b)

Windows Version v.1 (Stand-alone app – Requires Runtime R2021b or later)

Matlab App is the recommendable option to run the simulator and to save simulated data as .mat file. By using the windows version, it is not required to have Matlab installed in the computer. Nevertheless, the user needs to install Matlab Runtime (version R2021b or later) which can be downloaded for free from the following website:

Matlab Runtime (version R2021b or later)