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Water Regeneration

Functional unit description

The Functional Unit has been formed during 2021 by 14 researchers, with two full professors, one OPI principal researcher, one university professor, five doctors hired in charge of projects, two doctors hired Juan de la Cierva, and three predoctoral researchers. 


The group works on the decontamination of water contaminated with persistent toxics, removal of microcontaminants and disinfection of treated wastewater for reuse. It has basic analytical equipment located in the laboratories 1 and 2 of the center, as well as pilot plants for biological and photochemical water treatments, in the test yard.

Main research lines

Study of solar photocatalysis for the removal of toxic substances and water disinfection and its combination with advanced biological methods. The strategic lines of action are:

  • Use of solar photo-Fenton for decontamination of toxic water
  • Use of solar photo-Fenton for micropolluant removal from treated wastewater
  • Use of solar photo-Fenton for treated wastewater disinfection (regeneration)
  • Combination of solar photo-Fenton and membrane bioreactor (pre-and post-treatment)
  • Optimization of the operation and development of new technology for photo-Fenton
  • Economics of water treatment processes


José Antonio Sánchez Pérez

ORCID ID = 0000-0001-5635-3137
Scopus Author ID 57195586656

Full Professor. Department of Engineering. Degree in Chemical Engineering by Univ. of Granada (1988); PhD by the Univ. of Granada (1992). He has been involved in 26 national and international R&D projects and has leaded 13 of them, as well as in a 12 contracts with private companies. He has directed 19 PhD thesis in different fields such as biotechnology of microalgae, filamentous fungi fermentation and water treatment and is co-author of four patents and more than 180 scientific publications in international journals.

Inma polo

María Inmaculada Polo López

ORCID ID = 0000-0002-2505-721X
Scopus Author 26032688800

OPI hired researcher. Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), Almería Solar Platform. Graduated in biology from the University of Granada in 2006 and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Almería (2012). He has carried out 20 national and international R&D projects, currently leading 4 of them. He has directed/co-directed two doctoral theses and is currently directing four other ongoing doctoral theses in the field of solar water treatment and reuse. Author and co-author of 75 publications in international journals with a high impact index, author of 1 book and co-author of 14 other book chapters.