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Valorisation of agri-food by-products by means of microalgae for food and feed production (ALGA4FF)

Valorisation of agri-food by-products by means of microalgae for food and feed production (ALGA4FF)
Start date: 1 January, 2021
End date: 31 July, 2023
Code: P20_00812


University of Almeria


Francisco Gabriel Acién Fernández (


Junta de Andalucía. Convocatoria de subvenciones a «proyectos de I+D+i» universidades y entidades públicas de investigación.

Current Situation:

In progress


The ALGA4FF project aims to formulate different foods, mainly baked goods (salty and sweet), liquid products (soups, purees and juices) and snacks, and to study how the incorporation of biomass affects their formulations, but also to study the effect of adding different concentrations of biomass on consumer acceptance of the product, and also to know and increase consumer knowledge about microalgae as food additives. The objective of the ALGA4FF project is to develop and demonstrate an integrated process for the recovery of agri-food by-products using microalgae for the production of food and animal feed. The aim is to improve the profitability and sustainability of food production by the agri-food industry in addition to offering an alternative

to current by-product management systems. All this through the development of bioprocesses based on microalgae that use simple and robust technologies. The increasingly sustainable production of food is a priority objective, as well as guaranteeing the supply, quality and safety of said production. Through its implementation, different problems could be solved simultaneously, such as: (i) reduction in the cost of managing by-products, (ii) possibility of implementing new processes and job opportunities, (iii) increase in the availability of microalgae biomass for various applications, (iv) improvement of the sustainability and profitability of food production.


Food formulation with microalgae biomass. Study the effect on the physical-chemical, functional, nutritional properties and on consumer acceptance.

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